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Changing Covenants

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Changing Covenants

When a kindred lives for hundreds of years, political views can change drastically and kindred may decide to change covenants throughout the course of a requiem. Mechanically speaking, that can cause confusion because of the benefits that being a member of a covenant grant. (ie: cost breaks and devotions, access to rituals and coils.)

Here are the rules, Should a player decide to switch covenants.

Players will keep all covenant benefits that have already been purchased, but will lose access to purchasing them in the future. Anything learned through the covenant will not be able to be taught to others. (ie: Any Retainers, Allies, Contacts etc purchased using covenant benefits will not be removed from the sheet. Any Coils, Devotions, Oaths or Sorceries will still be retained as well. The character will simply no longer be able to take advantage of the covenant's benefits in the future.)

Additionally, when someone leaves one covenant, they must wait 6 months before they can join a new covenant, and during this time remain unaligned. This is to represent the level of distrust kindred have for people who leave a covenant.

This time can be spent as an "Unofficial member" of a covenant, should the character already know which covenant they want to join and have an appropriate sponsor within that covenant who is willing to take responsibility for them. During this time, the character will gain no benefits from the covenant, and will not have access to the covenant's private forum. After 6 months time, if the members of the covenant choose to accept the character as a member of their ranks, the player will be granted access to the covenant forum, a dot of status within the covenant will be added to the character sheet and the character can begin learning covenant secrets or taking advantage of covenant discounts.

Be aware that this sort of action is found highly suspect at the least and can earn enemies for the character, especially from within his/her former covenant. The ST staff will expect this to be role-played appropriately by all players involved. A Kindred leaving a covenant should be a dramatic event and should create a wide range of character interactions and role-playing opportunities.

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