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Clarification: Movement Speeds

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Clarification: Movement Speeds

The Dark Ridge game uses slightly modified Speed rules which are already reflected on your character sheet. This is not being changed with the Rules Update. This post is simply intended to explain that trait.

Your character's Speed trait is divided into two numbers: Acting speed / Running speed.

The second number, the Running speed, indicates how many steps (yards) the character can travel in a single turn by running.  Doing so is considered a full action and no other actions can usually be performed while running (there are some exceptions from Merits or supernatural powers, and there is an option to "Charge". see World of Darkness p.164). This number is your character's Strength (+Vigor, if active) + Dexterity + Species factor (5 for an adult human/vampire). If your character has the Celerity discipline active, this speed is multiplied by [1+Celerity Rating].

The first number is one-half of your character's Running speed, rounded down. This represents how many steps (yards) the character can travel in a single turn (by walking or jogging) and still perform an action in the same turn. The character can move and perform an action, or perform an action and then move. The character cannot, however, move, perform an action and then move again, all in the same turn.

Example: Tom has a Strength of three (3), a Dexterity of three (3), plus his Species Factor of five (5) which grants him a Speed rating of 11. This rating is the number of steps he can take each round in a full-out run without an action. If Tom wishes to attack an opponent, he can take 5 steps in his turn plus punch his target.
If Tom also has Celerity 3 and has spend 1 Vitae this turn to activate Celerity, he can instead take 44 steps this turn in a full-out run. If he wishes to take an action while moving, he can do so by moving at half that speed, or 22 steps.

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