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Merit: Assets

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Merit: Assets

Merit: Assets [] (• to •••••)

Over the endless nights of the Danse Macabre, a Kindred is likely to acquire more than mere wealth and servants. And in modern nights, property ownership can include more than just land. An entrepreneurial immortal might also own companies, trademarks, patents, or other modern commodities. Some buildings or cultural landmarks might be prized possessions within a certain Requiem yet have very little use as a Haven. These would be considered the character's Assets.

Assets will give a player the ability to represent their ownership of other properties, businesses, or buildings that aren't used as havens. The player may invest in multiple businesses and real estate properties that don't quite fit into the Haven merit. This would allow the player to represent ownership ranging from a small art gallery to a prestigious museum, from a fleabag love motel to the local branch of a major hotel chain, from a gas station to a chain of full service chop-shops, or from a weekly satirical newspaper column to a well-known series of books on the New York Times best-seller list. With a little creativity, this merit is how your character can grow an empire.

Buildings owned as Assets can be used as locations for Kindred gatherings or even as Elysium, provided the character has invested proper planning to protect the Masquerade.

(Note: You will need ST approval for most Assets more abstract than a building. This is mainly to make sure two characters don't both mistakenly think they own the same property.)

You cannot have an Assets rating higher than your dots in Resources. However, since Assets represent invested time and wealth, the XP cost to purchase dots in the Assets merit may be reduced by 1 XP for each Resource trait spent for that purpose, to a minimum cost of 0 XP (just like dots in Havens. See Resources). At ST discretion, some Assets may require an equal number of dots in the Status or Staff merit, but this will not preclude the character from also using his Status or Staff for other purposes each month.

You may purchase this merit more than once, and each time you purchase the merit it will represent a new building, business, or other prestigious property.

• = Single office / small business
•• = Suburban house, loft apartment, or small building / City wide chain of small shops
••• = Penthouse apartment or large, secluded manor house / State wide chain
•••• =  A prosperous local hotel or nightclub / Nationally known business
••••• = Lavish mansion, museum, or park / Several local hotels / International Company


  • Minnie decides that her character, Juliette, is going to open up a coffee shop. She starts out small, with a unique coffee boutique in the heart of the college district, purchasing one dot of Assets [coffeeshop].
  • Juliette's business is growing and several people have expressed interest in franchising and she decides to open a few more coffee boutiques around town. It is now a city wide chain, so Minnie purchases the second dot of Assets [coffeeshops].
  • The business is so successful that she expands it to other cities, but decides not to engage in the politics of a national chain so she purchases the third dot of Assets [coffeeshops] to represent the chain in other cities within Juliette's home state.
  • The coffee shop is doing so well that Juliette decides that she wants to try her hand in the big times and opens up several coffee shops across the country. Every major city now has a Juliette's Coffee Boutique and Minnie purchases the 4th dot of Assets [coffeeshop]. Watch out, Starbucks. Juliette's Coffee Boutique is now a household name, occasionally referenced in television and film.
  • Paris, London and Florence called and they want Juliette's Coffee Boutique in their cities too! Juliette decides to become an international company and expands her boutique to it's maximum reach, purchasing her fifth dot in Assets [coffeeshop]. Didn't you hear? If it's not served at Juliette's, it's SO last season!

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