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Merit: Territorial Familiarity

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Merit: Territorial Familiarity

Prerequisite: Haven, Temple, etc. within the defined area of the territory.

Effect: Your character has spent a great deal of time in a specific area and has a preternatural familiarity with the area. He has a detailed map in his head, never loses his sense of direction, and can evade unwanted attention there for an almost unlimited length of time. He adds a +2 to all mundane rolls made while in the chosen region where this familiarity would come into play. This usually applies to Drive, Streetwise, and Survival checks, but may also apply to mundane Stealth checks when attempting to evade pursuers or even to Initiative checks while in the territory. It does not, however, apply to hunting rolls (for that, you should purchase the Haven Location Merit) nor to any rolls to activate a supernatural power.

One dot in this Merit means your character’s territorial familiarity is the size of one or two city blocks (one grid square on the Dark Ridge grid map). Two dots expands the radius to all adjacent grid squares (a total of nine squares, or 3x3). Three dots expands the radius the radius one more grid square (for a total of 25 squares, or 5x5).

A bum who has been sleeping on the same street corner for years or a youth who knows exactly which yards to cut through near his house might have a one-dot version; a cop who’s been on the same beat for 20 years or an architect who designed every last piece of a sprawling mall over the last 10 years might have the Merit at three dots. When the region denoted by this Merit is altered significantly, the quality of Territorial Familiarity can be reduced or lost altogether. A teenager who returns from his scholarship at college to learn that the tenements where he grew up have been replaced by a strip mall would lose his Merit.

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