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To Whom I have Transgressed

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To Whom I have Transgressed

Post by Sarah Wade on Thu Sep 18, 2014 5:24 pm

Dearest Kindred of Dark Ridge, and formerly of Huntsville,

Those who were in attendance at the last court gathering will know that I have made a grave error in my assessment of a situation. This error, which did result in the containment of certain individuals from the city's court for an indeterminate amount of time, and perhaps a little of their vitae removed to brew special vintages of lacrima wines, is one which I am truly, and deeply apologetic for.

To those whom I have transgressed,
Please accept the Major boons that The Prince demanded from me as a symbol of my apology, and allow me to explain my viewpoint of the matter without the interruptions that so readily happened just a few nights ago.

My father...My Sire; Cardinal Alexandre Hayes; was murdered.
Prior to this, a great many years prior in fact, he embraced me to remove from him his sins. He saw in me this unusual ability and in a moment of selfishness, he embraced me to cure him of his wrongdoing.
Now, to clarify a bit, when one removes the sins of another they take them into themselves, restoring a small amount of the humanity that one loses in a long requiem to the sinner. I assure you that while it sounds well and good to those having sins removed, it can...and does...take a toll on the mind of the Sin Eater.

There are no words to describe the bond I shared with my Sire. None that would even begin to scratch the surface of this bond. The word 'Vinculum' has been used in days long past, but even this word is not strong enough to represent the bond that grew inside of me when I ate the sins of my sire. Though it may be enough to describe my affections for poor Josephina, who was ripped away from me after more than a century by my side.

You see, I have moments of insanity where the sins of others weigh so heavily on me that the reality we live in seems so far far away. However, far more often than those brief forays into the unknown, I have moments of lucidity in which I see the things I have said, or done and recognize the sin for what it is.

I think that perhaps my requiem is best summed up by what my dear friend, and former ghoul Edgar Poe once said; "I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity."
Yes. This sums it up quite nicely I do think.

So what occurred the night you all found my hidden vineyard?

I felt so strongly the truth of the situation. I simply knew that if I were to gather the former court of Huntsville, and those my sire cared most about, and then threatened their requiems that he would return to save them. Yes, he would be angry at me for it, but he would be back and the world could right itself once more.

You may call me crazy if you wish, many have, but until you have walked a mile in my shoes, and felt the pains that I have felt, I do not think that you will have the full measure of what it means to truly be "crazy".

Father Strange has done much counseling with me over the past few nights since our gathering, and he has pointed out the error in my assessment of the situation. I was so distraught over the losses I had endured, that I let slip my grasp of reality and took hold the flights of fancy so solidly that I felt they were the only truth to be had.
It has cost me not only my reputation in our society, but it has cost me my voice. For not only is my voice no longer considered appropriate, or proper, it seems that it is simply unwelcome.

It is my intention to reclaim my reputation in our society, but if I am continually reminded of how far I have fallen, and how little I matter, then how am I ever to hope to rise again? My only sin was loving my sire so deeply that I tried everything I could fancy to bring him back to me.

What sins are each of you carrying around? What mistakes have you made in your requiems?

I remain,
Lillian Mary Blackmoore,
Mother Confessor, Succubus, Sanctified


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OOC: Sarah

-Former Webmistress, Founder of the Dark Ridge Troupe

The contents of this message are fictitious in nature; a discussion of imaginary activities in a pretended "alternate reality" as part of the World of Darkness game setting; they should not be construed as relevant to real world activities involving actual locations or persons living or deceased.
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Re: To Whom I have Transgressed

Post by Robert Voitle on Fri Sep 19, 2014 8:34 pm

Ms. Blackmoore,

At some point you will be able to rebuild your damaged reputation, but the citizens of this domain need time to consider and heal from your transgressions. It is not appropriate or right that you should seek forgiveness and restoration after no more than a week of putting so many kindred lives at risk.

I have shown you great leniency and understanding considering your actions. How many Princes would have allowed you to continue your requiem much less remain in their domains? Very few would gave tolerated such a transgression. And they would not care about your mental state at the time. An insane kindred is a great risk to the domain as a whole. So how will you restore your name? By proving that you are not insane, that you are capable of controlling yourself by not giving in to your delusions.

You most certainly will not talk your way into my good graces. It is through long-term and repeated good action that you will earn my trust, and thus the trust of this city. Until that time, I see your attempts to persuade the court to think otherwise as hollow, empty words attempting to manipulate public opinion to restore to you something justly lost and not yet earned.

The only way your reputation will be restored is if it is earned, and only when *I* decide it is so.

Duke Elliot Gray
Admired Prince of Dark Ridge
Respected Invictus
Respected Ventrue
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