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Dark Ridge Reporter - September 2014 Edition

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Dark Ridge Reporter - September 2014 Edition

Post by Admin on Mon Sep 15, 2014 9:03 pm

Fire at the Museum?
What many locals thought was a fire at the Dark Ridge Museum of Art and History last month was actually a Pyrotechnics display gone wrong. Contacts at the Museum say that the pyrotechnics team for a special invite only charity event used faulty wiring trapping several individuals inside for several hours before the blaze could be halted.
Citizens are urged not to worry, the neighborhood is in good hands. Dark Ridge Fire Department said they were alerted prior to the display that it was going to happen and all proper permits were issued.
If you are interested in attending one of the many charity events at the museum, please contact Museum Curator Daniel P. Monahan at 555-221-2521

So you want to join a hunting club? The Crippled Coon wants you!
The Crippled Coon Dog Hunting Club is now accepting members for 2014/2015 Season!
Our club is a "Dog" Hunting Club in Dark Ridge, NC.

For Sale: 1969 VW Westfalia Camper, Great condition, runs well. Needs new paint and interior has faint herbal aroma, nothing some tlc wont fix! Call for more details 555-675-1327

Seekers of the truth
I invite you to seek the truth of past and future. Open your eyes to find the way.

Missed Connection: You were in a kilt, playing a bagpipe, riding a unicycle. Kind of hard to miss. I was wearing a Stormtrooper costume and took my helmet off to get some air. Our eyes locked. You fell off the unicycle. I had to leave because the 501st was loading up and I wasn’t able to get your name, or number. If you felt the connection too, please contact me at 555-214-2353

Spirit invites you to join us to worship the great goddess in our new home. The Wiccan Family Temple is now accepting membership, and we greet thee with open and loving arms. Please call 555-756-5234 for more information.


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