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August 2014 Royal Harpy Report

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August 2014 Royal Harpy Report

Post by Priscilla Tan on Tue Aug 19, 2014 8:40 pm

Greetings Kindred of Dark Ridge,

For those who were absent from the August gathering, I have to say – you have missed much of the action. The gathering was hosted at Lakefront Garden, the Invictus haven and all imaginable luxurious enjoyed by the lords of the estate were offered to the masquerade-friendly public. Every detail was accounted for as impeccably as one might expect out of our society’s traditionalists. Unfortunately, the size of the haven only magnifies the lack of attendance of its covenant members. I do have to wonder: Are the majority of the First Estate far too busy to attend to their own gathering?

To start off the evening, we have several members of the Circle of the Crone who have entered the city to seek Acknowledgement with His Grace, putting their population on par with those of First Estate. Mr. Nicholas Parker of Clan Daeva was the first to introduce his story to the court – An Acolyte from the busy city of Chicago sought Dark Ridge in hopes to linger in town where peace and quiet will fuel his artistic muse. Vouched by the Daeva Priscus and fellow artist, Mr. Parker was acknowledged by His Grace at our gathering.  

Following Mr. Parker came forth a pair of Acolytes, Juan Rodrigues and Alejandro "Alex”, both of Clan Gangrel. Mr. Alejandro, the neonate Savage and a local who dwells in the Corsetti Mountains, was granted acknowledgement as he was vouched by fellow Acolyte, Geogetta Redding but his cousin from Mexico was passed over such opportunities. Of course, it didn’t help that Mr. Rodrigues didn’t actually seem all that interested in gaining acknowledgement in the city. I know we are all unfeeling to a certain extent but at least try to show some sort of enthusiasm and humility when you want something -- much more so when requesting anything from the Respected Prince of our city. Poor Mr. Rodrigues had spent all this time traveling across the southern border to visit his kindred relative, Mr. Alejandro, but was supported by mere silence when it came to obtaining basic feeding rights. A bit neglected within the family aren’t we?

Miss Geogetta Redding, Daeva Acolyte who is getting accustomed to modern nights, was granted Acknowledgement by the court for her cooperation in recent events. Following that, Miss Coralien Abandonato, Daeva Ordo stepped up before His Grace and obtained Acknowledgement to reside within the city as she was vouched by the Mehket Priscus.

The court planned a private viewing of the Egyptian exhibit here in town to investigate on an interesting riddle Duke Grey had received this past month. It appears that there is a vigilante who is given out presents in manila envelopes to citizens of this city. Presents that held clues to questions on our minds. And so, we were welcomed lavishly by curators and allowed the rare opportunity to examine the exotic displays in a high end museum. Of course, nothing was quite as smooth as we hoped – the evening was rudely interrupted by three stout figures and a thick Irish accent. And do I ever mean an accent. Never have I heard my name bellowed quite so effeminately throughout a cultural building. This, my dears, is why we should never, ever, return to Huntsville.

Let me elaborate, the female redhead who stood tall and taller still that night, was a lupin from the city of Huntsville. Honestly, given how little we interacted, I hardly remembered her and it took a while before her name sunk in – Luna. Apparently with no one else previously from Huntsville to blame for logistical reasons, I’m supposed to know something about her stalker issue. Some human by the name of ‘Boston’ was sent from Dark Ridge into Huntsville to search for Luna, attention that was clearly unwelcomed by the shewolf. For those who had attended the previous gathering and witnessed the amusing interrogation in the middle of Elysium, I imagine you remember the last we heard from ‘Boston’ was when Mr. Barrows’s phone rang. So obviously against the Prince’s orders, there was more contact with Huntsville – One that was actively looking for a werewolf from a city that is currently being used as a battlefield between Hunters and lupins.

These wild dogs lacked manners -- boisterously making demands to lay claim to the bloodhunted Barrows and dismissing His Grace’s authority over Dark Ridge. As Mr. Rodrigues scurried through the doors in attempt to offer unacceptable advice of retreat, Nicholas Parker showed more passion with his newfound Acknowledged status within the city. Bracing before Luna, Mr. Parker was able to assert himself charismatically in front of the female lupin and reminding the furry species that Kindred are, without a doubt, more superior. A statement that was made fact as Mr. Sadik delivered the first powerful blow when Luna mutated into a larger and more wolf-like form. There were signs of supernatural inhabitations set in our disfavor when several of us realized that we were unable to utilize our vitae in the fight. The humans were safely dismissed without knowing any better by the Seneschal and shortly after, the lupins retreated as our numbers and powers proved more significant despite the handicap. With the lupins gone, so was the block on our vitae.

Moments later, Mr. Rodrigues ran back in frenzy and fearfully cowered into a corner when his original intent was to ensure that the lupins have obediently left the premises. In retaliation to their loss, the werewolves had casted a mystical barrier of fire around the museum to trap us. The Circle of the Crone and the Ordo Dracul were sent to investigate on the riddle involving Egyptian gods, Bastet and Anubis, while the rest of us looked for means of safe escape. Eventually an underground sewage path was discovered and mapped out to us by the Sheriff. While undeniably repulsive, it provided what was necessary to get out of the ring of fire so that the fire department can be informed before the historical artifacts meet a tragic end.

When the court adjourned back at First Estate’s haven, the Acolytes and Dragon returned along with the Sheriff from the Necropolis, where a small statue of Bastet was uncovered before the attendees. There were claims that the statue is possessed with its partner missing from the Sheriff’s care. As the story was retold, Barrows’s body was found, in his staked state, clutching on to the statue of Bastet and his body was displaced from his original position while presumably alone in the Necropolis. The Prince has declared that Barrows’s body will be guarded and used as bait to tame the lupins. We cannot risk Dark Ridge becoming another Huntsville because of a few wild dogs running amok without proper collars and leashes.

A few words of caution: During the next month, Kindred are advised to avoid hunting in seclusion or do so at your own risk. For now, we know that there are at least three brutish lupins actively running around in this city. If you encounter more, please report it to the Sheriff or the Seneschal at once.

And next, for status updates:

Baroness Jeanette Hollinshead, Ventrue Invictus, is now Valued (OOC: City Status 3) in the city of Dark Ridge, awarded by the Royal Harpy, Miss Victoria Charleston, for her careful efforts at maintaining the Masquerade during our supernatural encounter with the lupins.

Mr. Aydin Sadik, Mehket Crone, is now Valued (OOC: City Status 3) in the city of Dark Ridge, awarded by the Royal Harpy, Miss Victoria Charleston, for his efficiency in dealing with those unreasonable brutes.

As a reminder, His Grace expects the Prisci Council to adjourn and select a Prisci Harpy before the next gathering. Coming up! The Carthian Movement is hosting in the month of September. We hope to see everyone next month.

Safe nightly travels to all,

Priscilla Tan

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