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Regarding the Next Gathering

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Regarding the Next Gathering

Post by RowanArtemis on Fri Aug 08, 2014 12:56 pm

From the Office of the Seneschal

To the Esteemed Kindred of Dark Ridge:

It has been nearly a month since last we all met together and the events occurred which were described in the report of the Royal Harpy. Given the pace at which things have been happening in the city as of late, it seems that it would behoove us all to meet again and educate ourselves on the current happenings of Dark Ridge and our fellow Kindred.

To aide this effort, the First Estate of Dark Ridge will be hosting a Gathering tomorrow evening in a Communal Haven bearing the name ‘Lakefront Garden.’ A palatial structure that still manages to retain the quaint charm of a country cottage, Lakefront Garden is located within Invictus territory on the western shore of the eastern portion of Corsetti Lake. (OOC: Grid I-25)

Formal announcements will begin an hour and a half after sunset. I look forward to seeing everyone there.

In service,

Baroness Jeanette Eleanora Hollinshead
Recognized Seneschal of Dark Ridge
Valued Judex of the First Estate
Acknowledged Lord

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