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July 2014 Royal Harpy Report

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July 2014 Royal Harpy Report

Post by Priscilla Tan on Fri Aug 08, 2014 8:15 am

Dearest Kindred of Dark Ridge,

Such busy nights we have! I'm sure the old news about a certain fallen prince hope-to-be has spread by now. Venomous Voice, also known as the late Allison Furrows has dared spilt the loyalties of this peaceful city in the most obnoxious manner, publicly declaring herself as the new prince of Dark Ridge while mocking the efforts of those who only have the good of the city in mind. For future references, anyone else who wishes to challenge the praxis so ungratefully, please refrain from vandalizing the Harpy message boards or at least offer the courtesy of a major boon for the trifling action. Allison Furrows has disgraced herself as kindred for failing to offer the appropriate prestation when she made such a bold and public declaration in a forum that she later admitted to hacking into.

Next in the hot topics board, has everyone enjoyed the delightful evening of the Daeva gathering? The scene, entertainment and dress were ever so glamourous that it is befitting of those who call themselves Succubi. Such a handsome ghoul band, the lavish d├ęcor and the exquisite Lacrima provided by the Mother Confessor- there were compliments from many. Bravo to the Priscus - Miss Sam Jacobs has certainly stepped up to the seat in Madame Perth's absence. For that I would like everyone to Recognize Miss Jacobs for her coordination efforts of this month's gathering.

For our next piece of exciting news - Let us welcome back Georgetta Redding's return from torpor. As everyone recalled, the one we have all come to know as Georgetta Corsetti disappeared a few months ago after the city revolted against Lord Oberon's tyranny. Well it turns out that Georgetta Corsetti was really Geogetta Redding of the Daeva clan -- A Daeva who claims to have gone into torpor seven decades ago and placed under the roof of Allison Furrows, only to awaken the night before our gathering. Miss Redding had no recollections of a marriage to the late Oberon Corsetti. Miss Redding is currently under the protection of the Daeva Priscus, Miss Sam Jacobs and is residing in the Daeva Haven.

Mr. Barrows, previously a bloodhunted ghoul who was stolen from Madame Perth and embraced by Allison Furrows without permission as a blatant defiance against our traditions has been captured. Interrogations are still underway. Should anyone else wish to take a stab at the task, please inform the Sheriff, Mr. Jack, and prepare yourselves for an interesting experience within the necropolis.

We still have mysteries that need to be resolved, namely the continuous missing rouge kindred, Michael Saunders who had committed blatant murder while feeding on a local pilot in June. Blood stolen from the local blood bank caused a panic in the city. There was footage of a blurry figure of the culprit escaping into the sewers but no other leads were found. Stabbings near the Corsetti Lake within First Estate territory has yet to be resolved despite the rigorous work of the Savages. If you have found further information, please inform the Sheriff so that progress can be made with these investigations.

To conclude my report, here are the status changes for this month:

Miss Samantha Jacobs, Daeva of The Carthian Movement, is now Recognized (OOC: Status 2) in the city of Dark Ridge, awarded by the Royal Harpy, Miss Victoria Charleston.

Safe travels on these exciting nights and we will see you at the next gathering.


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