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Check your Sources

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Check your Sources

We've had a lot of folks dredge up some pretty darn obscure stuff and ask about using it in this Requiem troupe game. Most of these have come from the "WoD Index" Wiki. This is a great resource! You should definitely all be using it for quick reference. But it is by no means complete or completely sanctioned for play in our game.

There's stuff in Requiem that we don't think is very fun to anyone else, once any player has it. There's stuff that is not at all balanced, and there's stuff that simply cannot fit, thematically, in the story we are trying to tell.

Worse, these lists include LOTS of material that was not even meant for Requiem. While we are always open to discuss introducing some rare Merit or Bloodline into our setting's greater tapestry, we are far less likely to approve something from a Mage-, Forsaken-, or Changeling-only book.

If you find something on a wiki or other Merit list that just seems WAY too good not to take, there's actually a good chance that's because it was never meant for Requiem. It may be perfectly balanced in the context of a different World of Darkness game.

When in doubt, please take a sec to Ctrl+F the sourcebook's initials on the WoD Books Index, here:

This doesn't mean you can't still ask. We may still approve it, if it fits with our game's mood, theme, or over-arcing story! Also, if we know someone wants to do something, but the rule doesn't fit our game, we very well may write a new version that fits better and include it in our next major House Rules update. We also might even let your character have it for free or buy a "special" version for finding it. But if the special super-cheese you found on the internet was intended for Prometheans or Demons or something, don't act surprised if you can't have it in this game.
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Check your Sources :: Comments


Post on Thu Aug 07, 2014 10:17 pm by Carl Jordan

Yes, this definitely includes the Second Sight book....

No, your retainer can't have Pyrokinesis.....

Stop asking why not...

Bad player.

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Post on Fri Dec 19, 2014 10:28 pm by Carl Jordan

Just to make sure we're all on the same page about source material, stuff  you find in clan or covenant books are only available to people in that clan or covenant, whether it says it requires being a member or not. If the merit or power in question does not actually require being a member of that group and you really, really want to have it, talk to the STs first to see how we can make an exception (like a teacher that has it), but that would be your one special, custom cheese for that character.

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