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Dark Ridge Reporter - July 2014 Edition

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Dark Ridge Reporter - July 2014 Edition

Post by Admin on Fri Jul 11, 2014 5:44 pm

12 dead, 3 Hospitalized after a series of Park stabbings in Corsetti Lake.
15 people have been reported stabbed and left for dead in the Corsetti Lake district of Dark Ridge. (Grids C-L and 23-28 on the map.) The stabbings in this neighborhood come as a shock to the city and do not seem to be related to any gang violence. The Corsetti Lake district has been a recent hot spot of land development with new financial backers moving into the territory to increase its value. What impact these stabbings are going to have on these efforts is unknown at this time.  
If you have any information about these stabbings, please call our Crime Stoppers line at 555-555-2547

Blood Bank Robbery
Dark Ridge General Hospital’s blood bank was robbed this month, putting the city’s preparedness for trauma at risk. The thief managed to get away with almost 30 gallons of the blood the hospital had in storage for the trauma and cardiac units. This could not have come at a worse time, with the recent stabbings in the city’s southern Corsetti Lake district. (Grids C-L and 23-28 on the map.)
Police say that Security footage of the scene is unclear and currently under review. Further information as it develops.
If you have any information about this robbery, please call our Crime Stoppers line at 555-555-2547

LifeSouth teams up with competitor, Red Cross for massive blood drive.
In response to the robbery at the hospital this month, Both LifeSouth and the Red Cross have teamed up for a massive blood drive this week. They will both have several of their busses at Eastpoint Beach and will be giving away a brand new 2014 Honda Civic. The drive will run from 10am Friday Morning until Sundown on Sunday evening.
To enter the competition to win the car, all you have to do is donate a pint or two of blood.
There will be food vendors and live music provided by local radio station 102.5 The Edge.

Mayoral Runaway
Mayoral Candidate Edward Dwyer’s campaign manager told reporters that they haven’t seen or heard from him since the Lunch-debate last month. Police are asking for anyone with any information on the whereabouts of Mr. Dwyers to contact the Crime Stoppers hotline immediately. 555-555-2547

So you want to join a hunting club? The Crippled Coon wants you!
The Crippled Coon Dog Hunting Club is now accepting members for 2014/2015 Season!
Our club is a "Dog" Hunting Club in Dark Ridge, NC.

Seekers of the truth
I invite you to seek the truth of past and future. Open your eyes to find the way.

"Oh no they didn’t! They Cut Off My Food Stamps!" The Movie.
A foot stomping, hilarious comedy, drama with a twist of mystery. Great for church groups and the whole family. For tickets call (555 ) 555-1891 buy two tickets get one free. Coming soon to a theatre near you. Check your local newspapers for listing.

Psychic Advisor
I’m an expert Psychic and Tarot Card reader and adviser with an experience of over 15 years. I can help you with my insight and can predict your future love, relationship, career and financial life.
Only $4/minute. 1-555-555-7827

Wanted: Old Brick and Rock
I am remodeling my home and I am wanting to reface it with old brick and stone. If you have any bricks from old buildings, please get in touch with me to negotiate a price. 555-555-4658

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