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Merit: Fighting Styles

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Merit: Fighting Styles

As a warning: There will be a huge rules update to the Fighting Styles merits as part of our first 6-Month-Rules-Overhaul(TM) in October. I will be basically posting a complete list of the available fighting styles and their new rules or wordings to make them all balanced, mechanically and thematically.

In the meantime, here's a few band-aid house rules about Fighting Styles, as-written.

All fighting styles from the World of Darkness core book and from Armory are available as-written. For fighting styles from any other source, such as Armory Reloaded or from a clan or covenant book, you must ask for ST approval before buying them (for now).

The only fighting style that immediately comes to mind as off limits as written right now is the Spear Fighting one, but it's late and I'm sure I'm forgetting others... I will update this list as more come up. For now, if it's not in the blue book or Armory, ask before bubbling it in.

Multiple attacks: For now, if a fighting style technique would give your character multiple attacks, you will instead make that many dice rolls (using all the normal penalties for only the first attack) and use the best result, as if your technique instead allows you to perform a single attack with uncanny skill and accuracy, rather than a flurry of progressively worse attempts. One attack, but with multiple tries.

If any technique includes that your character loses his or her Defense for the round, you cannot use it in a round where you have already benefited from your character's Defense rating or used another technique that included losing his or her Defense.

All other combat rules will work as written for now. If there is any confusion during a game, reread the technique before using it, preferably prior to combat or when it's not your turn. Pause a scene if you have to, but try to have a good understanding of how your character's stuff works before your turn in initiative. If you need an ST to resolve any confusion over a fighting style, PLEASE make sure to also send a PM to me or Admin on the forum to remind us to post all clarifications here for future reference.
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