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Rule Clarification: Bloodlines

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Rule Clarification: Bloodlines

The Character Creation guide we posted has a pretty basic summarization of the bloodline rules, but I have been getting a lot of questions about it, so I wanted to make sure it was clarified.

Character Creation Guide wrote: Bloodlines
You cannot start with a bloodline. Gaining a bloodline will require your character to start with or acquire a 3-dot Mentor (the Avus), Blood Potency 4, and 6 months of training with that Avus to join a bloodline in game. (The only exception to this is if you draw the Bloodline card in the Character Creation Card Draw, which allows your character to join a bloodline so long as her Blood Potency is 2 or higher.) Joining a bloodline also requires the expenditure of a permanent willpower dot. (See rules for Willpower below for further details).

Keep in mind that ALL bloodlines are subject to Head-ST approval – don’t bother purchasing the Mentor unless you have been cleared to do so.

No player may choose a bloodline with a custom discipline until 6 months after chronicle start. (October)
No player may enter play with a bloodline unless they draw the bloodline card.
When a player creates a new character, they are given a card draw that will give them something for free. (Merit, bloodline, custom artifact or ability, etc.) If a player pulls the bloodline card, they may enter play with a bloodline so long as their blood potency is 2 at the time the card is drawn, and the bloodline only utilizes core disciplines.
Even if the bloodline card was drawn, a player is still not allowed to come into the game with a bloodline that has a custom discipline. They will have to wait until 6 months after chronicle start (October) to join the bloodline, but may still do so at Blood Potency of 2.

If a player does NOT draw the bloodline card, They MUST:
*have a blood potency of 4 to enter into any bloodline.
*wait 6 months to enter into any bloodline.
*have the merit "Mentor" at a 3 dot level for 6 months prior to entering into any bloodline.

Please note that writing into a background story that a character's sire was a member of a bloodline does not grant them early access to the bloodline, or a guarantee that they will be granted permission to use that bloodline in game.
ALL Bloodlines are subject to ST approval.

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