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June 2014 Royal Harpy Report

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June 2014 Royal Harpy Report

Post by Priscilla Tan on Wed Jun 25, 2014 6:24 am

Fellow Kindred,

We bring the gathering to Versailles, a miniature version of the actual Château in Versailles in France. While the decor was tasteful and the staff immaculate, Lord Bradford and I were informed of very disturbing news. As everyone must have known by now, Cardinal Hayes took a crew to Huntsville a fortnight ago with the mission to retrieve missing Kindred that never made it to Dark Ridge with the rest of us. Some of you might have recalled my disagreement with the matter when you approached for my opinion. Well there were very daring claims that the crew that went to Huntsville was almost entirely demolished so you would have to forgive Lord Bradford and me for our curt introductions. The news required quick actions on our part before it was spread to neighboring cities. A vacant seat of power lures wolves into our domain and history has proven that that process is anything but welcoming to polite company.

However, before we run into the heavy topics, there are a few new faces that arrived at the gathering, please make them feel welcomed:

Duke Eliot Grey, Ventrue Invictus from London, Britain is appointed as the Ventrue Priscus during Cardinal Hayes’s absence
Miss Sam Jacobs, Daeva Carthian
Mr. Jonathan Russ, Ventrue Invictus from Los Angeles, California
Mr. Jack Delknight, Mehket invictus
Mr. Aydin Sadik, Mehket Unaligned from somewhere in the Far East (I’ll offer a trivial to anyone who can first identify a specific country)

In the beginning of the night, Lord Bradford and I asked the Prisci Council and the court officers to have a meeting – to pick another Prince that is capable and sound of mind to lead the city. The Priscus of the Nosferatu is now replaced by Mr. Jack, who was the sole survivor of the Huntsville mission. The Mehket were asked to select a new Priscus amongst them since Miss Dusquene was one of the fatalities of the Huntsville crew. The Shadows picked Mr. Aydin Sadik for the task. Clan Daeva selected a temporary Priscus, Miss Sam Jacobs for the task since Madame Perth was mysteriously abducted from The Church a few days prior to the gathering. In the meantime, I was able to have my retainers track down Miss Blackmoore for confirmation of Cardinal Hayes’s death.

With that piece of information finalized, Duke Eliot Grey volunteered and was appointed to the Praxis seat. A bit about our new Prince: Duke Grey, a Ventrue of the First Estate, is the former Sheriff of London who served his post for well over a century. Prior to his court position, Duke Grey served as a deputy for a little over two centuries. I would assure the city that His Grace came with strong references.

Mr. Jack, Priscus of the Nosferatu is appointed as the City’s Sheriff and it did not take long for trouble to start brewing. As I stated before, Madame Perth is now officially missing – abducted from her place of business two nights ago by a masked intruder dressed fully in black and has two swords attached to her back. Staff from “The Church” claimed that, judging by the body figure, they were fairly certain that the abductor is female. Madame Perth’s ghoul, Mr. Barrow was only able to offer few clues and confirm that she remains alive somewhere. In the midst of that investigation, our phones went off and contacts from all types of sources stated a possible masquerade breach that occurred on a plane that landed in Dark Ridge this morning between 6:30-7 AM. The plane was traveling from Ann Arbor, Michigan when its pilot was found dead in his plane after safely landing in Swansboro, Dark Ridge. The pilot was reported to have no punctured marks on his neck and his body drained of blood. There was only one registered passenger by the name of Michael Sanders on board that remained missing from investigations.

Dr. Flagg has yet again played the assistant to cover up the Masquerade breach by using his affiliations with the local morgue. The pilot's body was displaced and his death certificate was forged to indicate that stroke was the cause of death instead of blood loss. The local media has been notified to amend the original cause of death. For those of you with allies in the police force, please inform them of this tidbit so that investigations can be wrapped up without further suspicion. The missing passenger is still on the loose in this city. For those who have information or noticed any suspicious activities in your domains, please contact our Sheriff to assist with the investigation.

Madame Perth’s ghoul, Mr. Barrow, was placed under the supervision of Mr. Russ to aid with the investigation of his missing Regnant. Both left for “The Church” to find more clues regarding the missing Daeva Priscus. While engaging a few thugs in the Red Light district, interactions became hostile, resulting in an exchange of firearms. Mr. Barrow activated the power of his blood to supernaturally increase the speed of his movements, causing a breach in the Masquerade. While being transported to the nearest hospital to receive treatment for his wounds, the ghoul decided to flee instead of facing His Grace for proper punishment. Prince Grey has called for a Blood Hunt against Mr. Barrow for breaching the Masquerade and avoiding accountability. It is unfortunate to state that Madame Perth remains missing without further leads due to this unforeseen violent exchange. Anyone who has more information on the Madame or wishes to aid the investigation, please contact the Sheriff.

The Sheriff, Clan Gangrel and Clan Mehket worked tirelessly together to cover breaches all over the city. Upon being informed of the breach at “The Church,” Priscus Sadik led Mr. Delknight and Mr. Russ to the Red Light District to ‘reeducate’ the mortals. Mr. Delknight silenced all witnesses and the police marked the incident off as gang-related violence. This would have been a good example of covering up a breach had Mr. Delknight chosen to change clothes before returning back to the gathering. Walking around in a bloody shirt serves to attract attention wherever you go. Entering the Ventrue Haven in that bloody getup will only lure mortals to our otherwise Masquerade friendly Elysium. That little faux pas aside, I can appreciate the dedication towards the mission. Might I add; red is a good hair color for you.  

Speaking of Masquerade breaches, we ask Kindred to report the whereabouts of Emma, the ghoul of Crusader Cross, who has gone missing since her Regnant is believed to have met Final Death. Emma is now considered as a rouge ghoul and a walking breach of the masquerade. She is believed to have left the city but if there are further clues on the matter, please inform the Sheriff.

Those who were present at the gathering are all Acknowledged (OOC: City Status 1) by Duke Eliot Grey. His Grace has appointed Baroness Jeanette Hollinshead as his Seneschal, Mr. Jack, Carthian Nosferatu, is appointed as Sheriff and I shall remain as Royal Harpy. The following are the appointed leaders of your clan. They serve as the first line of contact if you have questions, wish to offer aid or require help within the city.

Lord Bradford is the Ventrue Priscus
Mr. Aydin Sadik is the Mehket Priscus
Mr. Jack is the Nosferatu Priscus
Mr. Mikhail Kraus remains as the Gangrel Priscus
Miss Sam Jacobs is the temporary Daeva Priscus while Madame Perth’s whereabouts remains a mystery. Should this change amongst you, please inform the Seneschal and myself.

All city statuses have been reset (OOC: Meaning everyone is starting from City status 1 again until it’s bumped by the Prince or Harpy) from the change of Praxis and the following kindred were awarded status by our Valued Prince:

- Miss Victoria Charleston, Ventrue Carthian, is now Recognized in the city of Dark Ridge, status awarded by His Grace, Prince Eliot Grey (OOC: City Status 2)

- Baroness Jeanette Hollinshead, Ventrue Invictus, is now Recognized in the city of Dark Ridge, status awarded by His Grace, Prince Eliot Grey (OOC: City Status 2)

- Mr. Jack, Nosferatu Carthian, is now Recognized in the city of Dark Ridge, status awarded by His Grace, Prince Eliot Grey (OOC: City Status 2)

I have a few status bumps on my part for the Kindred who have contributed valiantly towards the well-being of this city.

- Duke Eliot Grey, Ventrue Invictus, is now Respected in the city of Dark Ridge, status awarded by the Royal Harpy, Miss Victoria Charleston (OOC: City Status 4)

- Mr. Mikhail Kraus, Gangrel Unaligned, is now Recognized in the city of Dark Ridge, status awarded by the Royal Harpy, Miss Victoria Charleston (OOC: City Status 2)

- Mr. Aydin Sadik, Mehket Unaligned, is now Recognized in the city of Dark Ridge, status awarded by the Royal Harpy, Miss Victoria Charleston (OOC: City Status 2)

I would like to take the time to point out that our dear Sheriff, Mr. Jack, has undertaken a very large range of responsibilities and has done absolutely splendid job.  However, as you can see, the city is in a bit of a chaos and putting it back to order requires the skills and talents of more than one man. I strongly urge the Kindred of this city to present to me, your skills, allies and contacts that would benefit this city. You can share as much or as little as you wish and I will organize the details for the Sheriff so that he can delegate tasks to Kindred with the right skills and connections. I also strongly urge those of you with physical strength and wit to aid the Sheriff as his deputy. Please inform your Priscus if you have such interest and have them recommend you to Mr. Jack for an interview.

As Royal Harpy, I would like to extend a call for anyone who might be interested in the position of Priscus Harpy. A Priscus Harpy’s duties are the same as my own; we record boons and determine the statuses of the kindred of the city. The only difference is that a Priscus Harpy is appointed by the Prisci Council. With all the activities running about the city, two reports would cover more details than one. Please inform your Priscus if you are interested in this position.

Two Princes in two months, Dark Ridge has certainly seen darker days. For the sake of our Requiems, Prince Grey has advised against returning to Huntsville. We offer our condolences to the Mother Confessor, Miss Blackmoore for the loss of her sire. The Carthians mourn over the absence of Miss Marie Dusquene – One whom I have fond memories of as we made our mark in New Orleans. On a brighter note, the next gathering is hosted by the Daeva clan; we look forward to see what you have planned for our city.

Miss Victoria Elizabeth Charleston
Acknowledged Ventrue
Acknowledged within The Carthian Movement
Recognized in the City of Dark Ridge
Royal Harpy to the Prince of Dark Ridge
Priscilla Tan

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Re: June 2014 Royal Harpy Report

Post by Admin on Wed Jun 25, 2014 4:44 pm

What an interesting change of events this few months has brought to my lovely domain. I find myself once again having to step up to the plate to give the people of my fair city an accurate voice of the events as they transpired this evening. Though to my amusement, this time I am capable of doing so as an acknowledged member of the court.

His grace, the lacrima luscious Duke Gray did acknowledge all kindred within earshot of him the evening of his ascent to praxis. A seat stained with the blood of dead kindred. It appears that we find ourselves under the rule of the Invictus again, if you can call the loose mannerisms of the prince Invictus in any right.

So, Let's begin this report of the things the "Royal Harpy" neglected to mention in her report.

There was a task force of kindred sent to Huntsville. Among them were your Sheriff, Your Prince, Your Hound, and a random Nosferatu who was included for reasons that are beyond me. Fast forward to court, and the sole survivor of the task force sent to Huntsville returns. The random nosferatu, who has no report on the condition of the other members of the court. Granted, he's a little burned up and shot but I can accomplish this in a garage without need of leaving the city. So he returns to the city, none in accompaniment, and nobody questions why he is the sole remaining kindred to return to the city. As a reward, he is appointed Sheriff! Bravo, Mr. Jack of the Nosferatu! You've got that ass kissing ladder climbing down to an art form. I'm quite proud of you. Perhaps I should off some members of court and come in bloodied to tell the tale of bravery and regain my former station as true Harpy.

Speaking of ass kissing, Ms. Scarlet the Harlot never ceases to amaze me with her sniveling brown nosing. How she manages to continue her requiem is a mystery to me. Interrogated for the kidnapping of Madam Perth because of her threats to burn down the church? Oh Ms. Hilton, bestill my beating heart...well...if I had one... You do have a mean streak! She was also granted reprieve from punishment and set free to continue her whoring and mistreatment of her ghouls.

Speaking of kindred who are being allowed to continue their requiems, A masquerade breaching Mekhet who is new to this domain comes to the city, breaks the masquerade, murders several kine in broad view of the populous of the street and is simply told to change clothes while a distraught and obviously melancholy ghoul who ran a little too fast while he was being shot and nearly died is run out of town on a rail. Tsk Tsk.

It is very fortunate for Mr. Barrows that I was able to find him when I did so that he could join the ranks of the Kindred proper and revel in the lack of punishments that come with it. Yes, that is right, *I* embraced Mr. Barrows into this world of darkness because he proved to be the most capable among you and is proving to be quite good company. I believe that my new childe is taking quite nicely to kindred life under my proper tutelage.

A quick message to the "Royal Harpy." Step down and give me your job dear, you're making a mockery of the harpy position. You think you're actually going to be able to find me from a sketch made by a member of MY court? And asking for the Prisci council to elect a harpy? No Harpy has that authority. If the Prisci Council wanted a harpy, they would appoint one. As for your request for a list of skills... I think mine are pretty evident. Should the court ever need my services, all you've got to do is acknowledge my rightful place as the Harpy of the Court of Dark Ridge.

Unless, of course, you'd rather dethrone that cockney lush of a prince you've seated and give praxis over to me...then I'll consider keeping Ms. Victoria on as Royal Harpy for the amusement of the populous and perhaps spare the life of the masquerade breaching moron that caused the incident that nearly killed my dear sweet childe, Mr. Barrows.

If any of the illustrious members of this court wish to enter into civil discourse over this, you can leave me a message in Elysium Chat and I'll respond if I find it worth my attentions.

Fondest nights, dear ones.

-Venomous Voice, The Vexed Harpy
Hackster Extraordinaire,
Acknowledged ACTUAL Harpy of Dark Ridge
Sire of Mr. Barrows the most handsomest childe of all childer
Other titles of pomp and circumstance here and there...
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