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Changes to Territories

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Changes to Territories

Post by Robert Voitle on Tue Jun 17, 2014 3:34 pm

Citizens of Dark Ridge:

I am writing you this evening to inform you of some minor changes to the territories held within Dark Ridge.

Some of these changes were announced at the last gathering and I am simply restating them for convenience. Other changes are new and noteworthy.

1) The downtown area known as the red light district (comprising zone O-16) and its adjacent territory (comprising zone M-14) are to be combined and reinstated at the new Rack within the city. Anyone holding personal property or havens in this area may continue to do so, but no new holdings may be established without express permission from this Praxis.

2) The area formally known as the Rack (comprising zone O-11) and the territory to its south-west along the lake shore (comprising zone  U-17) are to be considered the personal territories of the Prince.

3) The territory where the Corsetti family estate is located (comprising zone X-11) is off limits to all Acknowledged citizens. Unless you receive express permission from the Prince or the Sheriff to enter this territory, you should avoid it at all costs. We do not yet know or understand the strength of the Corsetti's. Until their threat can be properly assessed, we will not poke that bloody hornet's nest.

4) The territory claimed by the Nosferatu (comprising zone H33) has been relinquished by the clan Priscus. In exchange, Clan Nosferatu now has claim to the entirety of the city's underground. This includes all maintenance, sewer, and subway tunnels that crisscross the city. It does not, however, extend to basement or sub-levels of buildings owned or operated by other kindred Citizens of Dark Ridge. Those underground portions of buildings are still considered the territories and havens of their respective owners.

5) The territory holding the Airport (comprising Zone FF-18) will not be granted to any clan, covenant, or individual. It shall remain available for all acknowledged citizens of Dark Ridge to use as needed for transportation.

6) Finally, Clans Gangrel and Mekhet have not officially laid claim to territories. I would ask that the prisci of each of these clans contact my Senechal, Baroness Hollinshead, with petitions for clan territory as quickly as possible.


Duke Elliot Gray
Admired Prince of Dark Ridge
Respected Invictus
Respected Ventrue
Robert Voitle

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