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May 2014 Royal Harpy Report

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May 2014 Royal Harpy Report

Post by Priscilla Tan on Tue May 27, 2014 7:04 pm

Dearest Kindred of Dark Ridge,

Did you have fun at our last gathering? I know I did. Let’s summarize the exciting events of the evening. We have new attendees, new appointments to court positions, a little sneak who could very well end up as a potential midnight snack, a mass with a lesson about the Masquerade, a game that involved covering the Masquerade and prizes generously offered by His Grace.

The night’s gathering started on the top level of local opera theatre, Camerata, and was declared an Elysium. His Grace opened the gathering, announcing that court positions are open for interview.

Before we go into the juicy details of the night, I would like to formally welcome new faces who attended the gathering in May:

Deacon Lazarus Kelly, Ventrue of the Lancea Sanctum
Mr. Mikhail Kraus, Former Priscus of Huntsville and Gangrel of the Unaligned
Mr. Vance Taylor, Unreleased childe of Mr. Kraus, also formerly from Huntsville
Mr. Ryan Flagg, Mehket of the Circle of the Crone
Father Bobby Martin, a Savage of the Lancea Sanctum from Dark Ridge
Countess Jeanette Hollinshead, Ventrue of the First Estate from London, Britain

Now we have an attendee of this evening who didn’t well, shall we say, quite fit in with the polite company we have tonight. Ladies and gentleman, we have, in our midst a little spy with a curious taste for crowd voyeurism. Imagine my surprise when Lord Langstrom came to me with a human who was founded by Mr. Jack, the Nosferatu. It appears that this mortal, Mr. Randy Helsonburg, was found taking pictures of the gathering without the proper consent. Quite the nerve, I know, but you have to give the man some credit for impeccable timing. Mr. Helsonburg was caught right before a special Sermon performed by Father Martin and took the front row seats to the show in the company of all the Lords of the city.

There was a snippet where Mr. Helsonburg had attempted to speak back to the Prince. Whether out of defiance of a sheer lack of survival instinct, he was awarded with the undivided attentions of Miss Lillian Blackmoore, who did not take his lack of deference kindly. Between the Mother Confessor and Countess Hollinshead, I was sure the Jewish mortal was about to be shish kabob on a spear.

The Sermon is an eye opener indeed! Never have I attended a Sermon quite so detailed and colorful. Father Martin brought an example all the way from the Vatican to teach the importance of abiding to Traditions. A beautiful brunette with dark olive skin set upon the altar with a decorated stake through her heart. She was described as a Kindred who had failed to follow our sacred Traditions. Her stake was pulled and she was awakened in time to suffer her punishment set forth by her covenant. The example was beaten and placed back in torpor to endure nightmares worthy of her punishment so that one day she might learn her lesson.

The Sermon ended and Father Martin offered communion to all who wish to show support for His Grace’s covenant. The Priscus of the Ventrue, Lord Bradford, who was also elected Seneschal Pro Tem, was the first after the Cardinal to receive communion, prompting the rest of the Ventrue and Invictus to follow suit. A list was placed by the altar and Father Martin encouraged the city to offer some sort of prestation in support of the new Praxis of Dark Ridge as a sign of goodwill. The support was evident for there were many Kindred who willingly went up to sign off promises towards His Grace for taking the reigns as Prince of Dark Ridge.

The next issue at hand, of course, was dealing with the mortal amongst us. Mr. Helsonburg who had remained so obediently docile during the Sermon while under the influence of Countess Hollinshead, was made the special game of the night. It was discovered that Mr. Helsonburg is a private detective who has been sending pictures of the gathering to a friend by the name of Joseph. For his troubles of spreading his curiosity, His Grace has offered Mr. Helsonburg as the prize to any individual who is most successful at covering up the Masquerade.

The city broke out almost immediately into their clans, mainly the Ventrue, Nosferatu and Gangrel due to their substantial numbers and skills. Mr. Helsonburg was placed in Elysium where Kindred were allowed to interrogate him under Elysia rules and gather necessary information before setting out to deal with possible Masquerade breaches.

The results were quite surprising to say the least. The Ventrue entered the Camerata with two people of consequence to Mr. Helsonburg – His grandmother and Mr. Joseph Huges, the friend he was sending pictures to and private detective to the local authorities. The blurry images (with the exception of Mr. Barrow and Mr. Darcy) were confiscated and deleted. Both mortals were ghouled for good measure to ensure their loyalties. Clan Gangrel came in Mr. Helsonburg’s unconscious wife, slung over their shoulders like a rugged sack before dropping the woman quite unceremoniously on the altar, next to the sacrifice that was used in Father Martin’s sermon. It appears the Savages were not too pleased with having to deal with a gun-toting woman who was capable of keeping a few of them at bay. Concussion has nothing against the wounded pride.  It was Clan Nosferatu that selected the most hands-off approach but nonetheless, effective to the cause. With the cooperation of Mr. Flagg, The Haunts were able to produce an unidentified body, fake dental records and write off Mr. Helsonburg’s untimely death to a car accident. Mr. Jack was able to wipe off all online records and traces of Mr. Helsonburg’s existence to avoid questioning.

As His Grace left to decide on the winner of this event, Lord Bradford stepped up to organize a meeting with all the participants from mismatched information that is being fed to the public through various eager actions. The Gangrel, for example, had caused a disturbance that piqued surrounding locals to alert the police when Mrs. Helsonburg opened fire at them. With the sudden disappearance of Mrs. Helsonburg would be a difficult case to explain after she was heard screaming and shooting perpetrators at her door. The untimely death of Mr. Helsonburg would also appear quite too coincidental with disappearance of his grandmother, wife and best friend.

As discussions progressed to piece up the differences in the stories to form continuity, His Grace exited from his office and announced the winners by Clan. Clan Nosferatu took the prize of Mr. Helsonburg’s existence and the Priscus was given the Right of Progeny to any one mortal that he desires to embrace. Clan Ventrue was rewarded with an extension to a piece of land to their domain. Clan Gangrel was introduced to allies and contacts in law enforcement.

After the announcements, the clans reconvened with new information: Mr. Kraus cordially informed everyone that there is more involved in Mr. Helsonburg’s life – One befitting of a soap opera. It appears that the prize of the night keeps an affair! Unbeknownst to his lover, Wilma, Mr. Helsonburg has been keeping his marriage a secret.  The Clans, inspired by the theatre, have written a rather compelling tragedy. Mrs. Helsonburg will have evidence planted in her home stating that she had found out about her husband’s affair. It would look like Mr. Helsonburg was fleeing from the domestic violence caused by his wrathful spouse. Hypothetically, he decides to return to his lover from across his work place, only to realize that she was informed of his infidelity. Wilma would play the role as the woman scorned, and chased Mr. Helsonburg out to the street where he was accidentally hit by a car. Both women disappeared out of guilt and Clan Nosferatu gains an extra person.

Mrs. Helsonburg was offered to Miss Blackmoore for her patience as the clans deliberated on the series of unfortunate events that led to Mr. Helsonburg’s death. Filled court positions were announced as follows:

Lord Richard Bradford, Ventrue Invictus, will serve as Seneschal Pro Tem until further news of Father Strange is gathered,
Mr. Charles Langstrom, Ventrue Invictus, will serve as Master of Elysium,
Miss Marie Dusquene, Mehket Carthian, will serve as Sheriff,
Mr. Jack, Nosferatu Carthian, will serve as deputy to Miss Dusquene at her discretion, and
Miss Victoria Charleston, Ventrue Carthian, will serve as Royal Harpy to the court of Dark Ridge

The position of Herald is still open to anyone who is interested. Please contact His Grace, Cardinal Hayes for a private interview.

The Prince has announced that he is assembling a task force to Huntsville with the mission to help and retrieve any loose Kindred that might be trapped in its chaos. Volunteers are to report to Miss Dusquene, the newly appointed Sheriff.

There are many positives in this evening’s events. The Sermon provides a refresher on the importance of our Traditions and the game that gave us practice to remind ourselves that we are predators lurking amongst our prey. In order to be considered a successful predator, we have to be vigilant, we have to be mindful and we have to be considerate where it concerns the nature of our requiems. I say “we” with utmost sincerity. In times of need, we flock to the group we identify the most: our clans, our covenants, our coteries. So often we find our safest circle and we flourish in it without admitting that the existence of others and their actions mattered. Individually we would have done well. Take the game for example, if we were to follow only one clan’s methods, the breach of the Masquerade caused by Mr. Helsonburg would very well have been resolve by one tactic. It was the tactics and ideas of several and a lack of communication that caused another wave of loopholes to form. For this to happen, a leader is necessary.

Therefore, here are a few people I wish to distinguish for their leadership and contributions to the city:

Cardinal Alexandre Hayes, Davea of the Lancea Sanctum, is now Valued (OOC: City Status 3) in the eyes of the city, awarded by Victoria Charleston, for his dedication towards Dark Ridge and its citizens.

Lord Richard Bradford, Ventrue of the Invictus, is now Recognized (OOC: City Status 2) in the eyes of this city, awarded by Victoria Charleston, for leading not just the Ventrue, but consolidating everyone in the effort of lining up our stories straight.

There are also a few others that His Grace would like to mention in this report:

Mr. Charles Langstrom, Ventrue of the Invictus, is now Recognized (OOC: City Status 2) in the eyes of this city, awarded by Cardinal Hayes for his active participation and initiative in handling matters regarding the discovery of Mr. Helsonburg.

For his quick wit and skill with computers, Mr. Jack of Clan Nosferatu and recently appointed member of The Carthian Movement, is now Acknowledged (OOC: City Status 1) in the city of Dark Ridge.

Before I close this report, I am obligated to remind everyone that punctuality is expected in court. His Grace does not support untimely arrivals.  Bruce and Scarlet, please remember that our monthly attendance require your presence no later than 7. With that, I would like to thank all who are in attendance. Midnight Mass will be conducted as usual this month and all interested parties are welcome.

Miss Victoria Elizabeth Charleston
Acknowledged Ventrue
Acknowledged within The Carthian Movement
Acknowledged in the City of Dark Ridge
Royal Harpy to the Prince of Dark Ridge
Priscilla Tan

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