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Respecting the proper channels

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Respecting the proper channels

Post by Guest on Wed May 21, 2014 2:20 pm

Kindred of the city of Dark Ridge:

I am now the Seneschal Pro-Tem, and I wish to remind all those residing within the city the proper manner in which you will contact the Prince and the importance of following this protocol.

His Grace is extremely busy and thus it is my job to help him manage his time. Should you require an audience, please come to me, in person or PM, and make an appointment, rather than attempting to contact His Grace directly. This will allow the office of His Grace to stay efficient and will give you the greatest chance of receiving an audience within a timely manner.

Thank you all for your attention,

Lord Richard Bradford,
Seneschal Pro-Tem to His Grace, The Honorable Alder Alexandre Hayes, Prince of Dark Ridge,
Recognized of the First Estate,
Acknowledged Priscus of the Lords of Dark Ridge.


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