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May Sermon

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May Sermon

Post by Justin Cline on Tue May 13, 2014 6:17 am

Explanatory text is in italics, the priest’s in black and the response of the congregation is in bold.

Introductory Greeting
After the priest and their attendants have entered and taken their places, and after the final stroke of Midnight between the Sunday and Monday

In the Name of the Lord, the Dark Prophet, and for our Holy Damnation


The curse of our Damnation and the purpose of our Sanctification be with you all

And also with you

As we come together as taught to us by the First Childe, St. Monachus, let us confess our sins and petition the Lord to continue to stay our judgment

Lord we have sinned against you, and do not deserve your mercy

Yet you have chosen us

You have forsaken us, and in our Damnation you have granted us strength

We give thanks to you God

Allow us to be your vessels of wrath and judgement upon this Earth and the next

As Longinus has spoken, Amen

Gloria of the Night
The Gloria may be sung (by the congregation or the choir) or it may be recited. The Gloria may begin with a brief invitation by the priest.

Blessed be God. Blessed be His Holy name
Yet Cursed be Longinus. Cursed be the Children of the Night. Cursed be those who seek men for their blood
And in their curse remember them to the Will and Word of God
As Longinus has spoken

Opening Prayer
Let us pray

All praise be to you, Most High, for the shadow of your divine grace which you have allowed to fall upon us! Blessings be upon you and may our nights always venerate your Holy ways. Grant us the efficacy to be more perfect Predators, in your Exalted Name.


The first reading is chosen from the Rule of Golgotha, Chapter 1

That what you once were is not what you now are. As a mortal is a sheep, so are the Damned wolves among them. That role is defined by nature — wolves feed on their prey, but they are not cruel to them. The role of predator is natural, even if the predator himself is not. Accept your role, but seek not to taint it with your desires.

That an ordained hierarchy exists. As man is above beasts, so are the Damned above men. Our numbers are fewer so that our purpose is better effected. There are blades of grass beyond human measure. Sheep and cattle, which eat the grass, are fewer than grass yet more than the numbers of man. Man, who eats the animals, is yet fewer than these creatures, and we are still fewer than man. Each must have his place in God's plan. This is as orderly as the passage of stars in the heavens or the passage of years of a man's life.

After the reading:

We take these words and apply them to our dark hearts, so that we may be Sanctified.

Glory to God

The Testament proclamation:

Though our work is sinful

Our mission is divine.

Both Priest and congregation
We are the Sanctified

A second passage is chosen, from the Rule of Golgotha, Chapter 3

A reading from the Testament, as written by the Dark Messiah himself

As Longinus has spoken

Remember, O childer, that though you yet bear the form of man, you are transformed by holy censure. No longer is it your purpose or your prerogative to live the three score years and ten of the children of Adam. No longer shall you sense your heart beating within your breast, feel the
satisfaction of a day's toil, or enjoy the comfort of the marriage bed.

Now instead you shall feed upon mortal blood, a hunter and a scavenger of those whose souls may yet be saved. We are God's holy monsters, and as predators above predators we must use our prowess wisely. The wolf or lion will feed upon the aged, the young, the sick. The worms will feed upon the plagued and decrepit. We, who have been exalted by our Damnation, must show God's purpose to the kine and to our heathen brothers through our superior predation.

After the reading:

Our Divine Mission, as told by God's chosen Prophet. May his wisdom guide out nights.

We give thanks to the Lord for the Centurion and his Spear

The Homily

Firstly, I would like to thank Brother Bobby Martin for his blessing over this city at last gathering.  It is always an honor to have one from the Vatican travel such a long way to visit us here.  Brother Martin would you please stand up?

Brother Martin stands

Brother Martin is truly one of God’s ordained predators.  He exemplifies the teachings of the Dark Messiah and the First Childe, and he is an example to all of us.  Thank you for coming Brother, you honor us.

Brother Martin sits.

Tonight I want to speak to you all on God’s purpose for all of Kindred.  Most of you in attendance were present at the gathering last week in the Camerata Opera Hall.  The events of the evening and the catalyst to them deserve to be looked upon through the lense of God’s Holy plan.

Sometimes it is easy to think that we are similar to the kine of this city.  We wear the flesh of men, and that can easily distract us from remembering what we truly are.  Wolves.  God has ordained all of us to be his Holy Predators, monsters who’s divine calling is to prey upon man.  It is our job to be the scary things under the bed, to drive those who are not Damned into God’s embrace.

Our task is one that requires finesse however.  The First Tradition, brought to us by the Centurion, dictates that we do not reveal ourselves to those not of the blood.  Additionally, we are not to be cruel and reckless in our predations, however, we are to frighten and give no mercy to our prey.  How do we resolve these supposed discrepancies?

Just as a shadow or a noise can cause fear in a sheep, our presence on this earth can be felt by the kine, even if they do not know of our nature.  Just as animals can feel an oncoming danger and instinctively react, even without knowing how a storm works, so too does the kine understand that monsters are lurking around the corner.  That they aren’t the top of the food chain, that something darker, scarier is just out of sight.

This fact is why during the gathering the mortal that came into Elysium was not given any personal freedoms.  He was a prey animal who stumbled into the lair of predators.  He was frightened, and rightfully so.  We are God’s chosen monsters.
So, remember as you go into the night, that though we wear the disguise of man, so that we may better effect our predations upon the kine, we are predators.  We hunt, but are not cruel, and we frighten, but do not reveal.  So, go forth and be God’s Holy Predator.  

Profession of Faith
Let us declare our faith so that all may hear

We believe in God, the Father almighty, creator of Heaven and Earth
We believe in Jesus Christ, his only Son, who was conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit and born of the Virgin Mary to redeem Man from Sin through his death and resurrection
We believe that Longinus, by piercing the Saviour’s side as he hung from the Cross, did reveal the divinity of Christ through the fulfillment of the prophecies and that, while Longinus was rightly Damned for his blasphemy, his damnation was itself part of God’s Holy Plan

We believe that those so Damned are the agents of God’s will, chosen to receive the Embrace that we may test the faithful and reveal the divinity within each of them
We believe that for our sins we are damned to Hell and yet through damnation we may find our purpose in God’s Holy Plan


General Intercessions
Let us pray

A Prayer of Evangelism
Almighty God, whose wisdom surpasses all understanding, give to these Kindred the knowledge of your plan. Let them partake of the blessing of their Damnation and let them find direction in your plan


A Prayer of Clarity of Faith
God, who by the holy blood of the Christ made clear the vision of the Centurion, grant to us clarity of vision that we may see and accept our place in your almighty plan.

For the sake of your Holy Work


A Prayer of Thanksgiving
My God, all praise is due to you for the miracle of transformation that you bestowed upon the centurion. Blessed are we who know the truth of divinity in the world because of the blood of the Christ that gave the Centurion sight and life! May we ever walk in his ways and follow his example, by your power and will.


Lord, hear our prayer

The congregation is thanked for coming and dismissed

OOC: Justin Cline
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The contents of this message are fictitious in nature; a discussion of imaginary activities in a pretended "alternate reality" as part of the World of Darkness game setting; they should not be construed as relevant to real world activities involving actual locations or persons living or deceased.
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