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Dark Ridge Reporter, May 2014 edition.

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Dark Ridge Reporter, May 2014 edition.

Post by Admin on Thu May 08, 2014 3:02 pm

Traffic related fatalities on the rise, Mayor considering revocation of liquor licenses.

According to a study done by North Carolina State University professor Kim O'Donnel, the number of traffic related accidents in Dark Ridge has risen 30% in the past 3 months, and more than 75% of the traffic incidents are resulting in fatalities.
"The increase in accidents has taken a sharp rise in the last month alone. We are doing further studies to detail the cause."

Mayor Thoms said he attributes the rise in traffic related fatalities to the increase in the number of Bars and Clubs in the Entertainment district of the city. "I plan to take an active role in the safety of our citizens, and if that means stripping down the number of watering holes and revoking some liquor licenses, then that's what will have to happen. We are looking at the removal of the red light district and closing down about 20 clubs and bars in the city."

What will this new attack on liquor mean for the bar and club owners of Dark Ridge? What will it mean for the people who will lose their jobs when this law takes effect? Only time will tell.

Gang Violence in the city decreasing.

Violent crimes and gang activity were down this month compared to last month, but auto theft reports were on the rise along with traffic citations and infractions.

The Dark Ridge Police Department attributes the decrease to the federally funded gang intervention programs that were enacted in Dark Ridge in March. The larger picture shows a stronger trend of a decrease in violent crimes and property crimes.

Violent crimes in April decreased by 13.3 percent - from 157 in the same time frame in March to 136 in April. Property crimes were down 16.1 percent, from 1,420 to 1,190. The one area that saw a significant increase is auto thefts. In April there were 170 auto thefts compared with 140 in March, a 21.4 percent increase.

Early statistics show some success since the city hit a peak of fourteen gang-related homicides and 200 gang incidents in the last 6 months of 2013. Gang incidents are down dramatically, 37.6 percent in the first four months of 2014 compared with the first half of 2013, from 69 to 43. Gang-related arrests are down from 92 to 41.

Fisherman finds human remains in the belly of a shark.
What started as a routine early morning fishing trip for port fisherman John Simmons and his son ended in a gruesome tale of horror for the two.

While fishing for grouper and red snapper they pulled in a great white.

“We tied the rope around his tail fin, and pulled him towards the boat. We were going to cut the hook out of his mouth and let him go when he regurgitated a human foot — intact from the knee down.” Said Simmons.

As soon as they saw the foot, Simmons says, and smelled the "stink" coming from inside the shark's "huge" belly, they knew they had to bring the shark in.

"We thought that there might be more bodies inside."

They pulled up to the port in South Side a short while later, cut open the shark body, and discovered more body parts inside: a severed right leg, two severed arms and a torso in two sections. There was no head.

The unidentified body, a man, is believed to have drowned before the shark ate him and may provide the conclusion to one of the city's recent mystery deaths.
Officials are hoping they will be able to ID the man and notify his next of kin.

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