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Clash of Wills

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Clash of Wills

Sometimes, two Disciplines clearly oppose one another. If the normal systems for the Disciplines fail to resolve this, such as when two vampires attempt to Dominate the same person, or Auspex is turned against a vampire hidden by Obfuscate, there is a Clash of Wills.

All characters using conflicting powers enter a contested roll-off, each using a pool of his or her Blood Potency plus his dots in the Discipline. Devotions use Blood Potency plus the highest rated Discipline among the prerequisites, while blood sorcery uses Blood Potency plus the character's dots in CrĂșac or Theban Sorcery. Ties reroll until one player has accrued more successes than all others. The effect invoked by that player's character wins out and resolves as usual, while others fail. Victory of one power in a clash does not mean the immediate cancellation of the others, save for in cases where only one power can possibly endure. (Such as competing Dominate).

Characters may spend willpower to bolster the contested roll, but only if they are physically present and aware that powers are clashing. Certain powers, such as those with exceptionally long duration, are more enduring in a clash.
Night-long effects add one die to a clash roll.
Week-long effects add two dice to a clash roll.
Month-long effects add three dice to a clash roll.
Effects that last a year or longer add four dice to a clash roll.

Clash of Wills can apply to other supernatural creatures as well. The traits involved depend on the creature and will ultimately be at the discretion of the Storyteller.

A Mekhet and a Nosferatu, Alan and Harry, come into conflict.
Harry is attempting to spy on Alan's covenant meeting using Cloak of Night (Obfuscate3) to hide himself and gain inside information about the covenant.
Alan has Aura Perception (Auspex 2) active and scans the room prior to the meeting to make sure the room is secure.
Alan has a Blood Potency of 3 and 4 dots of Auspex, so he will roll 7 dice. Harry also has a Blood Potency of 3 but has 5 dots in Obfuscate, so Harry will roll 8 dice. Alan cannot spend a willpower to bolster his roll since he isn't sure that there is anything in the room to clash with, but Harry sees Alan scrutinizing the empty room and knows that he is about to be seen if he doesn't reinforce his discipline with an act of will, so Harry will spend one willpower and add three(3) dice to his roll, rolling 11 dice to Alan's 7.
Both players roll and Alan rolls 4 successes to Harry's 5 successes. Harry remains Obfuscated and Alan believes that the room is empty and tells his covenant mates that the room is secure.

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