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Venomous Voice

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Venomous Voice

Post by Admin on Wed Apr 16, 2014 2:41 am

My, my what an assortment of kindred we have in our fair city this past few weeks.
The arrival of some refugees from the Rocket City sure has ignited some passions in good ol' Dark Ridge. It's been a good long while since we've had a proper court here,  and since the new Prince didn't appoint a Harpy I figured I'd step up and do it for him.

I'll start this one off by announcing the death of Lord Oberon Corsetti. Our new prince, Cardinal Alexandre Hayes rolled into town with a pack of refugees from the war-torn southern city of Huntsville and did what everyone in this city was too cowardly to do; end the requiem of the diablarist bastard Oberon Corsetti and end his reign of terror! They even offed that little twat he called a childe, Julia! Kudos to you, Cardinal!

This makes Cardinal Hayes the first Prince of Dark Ridge who wasn't a direct descendent of Capricia Corsetti. I wonder how her children are going to feel about that?
My what a dangerous set of sequin bejeweled boots to fill those are! I do not envy him his position. He had the guts to take it, now lets see if he's got the balls to hold it. Who doesn't just love an angry Daeva on the throne? Even if he is a Lance.

The new Prince's entourage was an unusual sort. Several hideously dressed individuals that are in dire need of a fashion consultant, a few that need a serious update in style and some beyond saving.

Madame Perth, It looks like you've got some healthy competition now! The Lords and Ladies who rolled in with the new Prince seem to really know how to steal the show! 3-piece suits and spit shined shoes, and the Lolita runway fashion show! Sequins and Rhinestones and Lace Oh, My! That's what I'm talkin about! Their only real eyebrow raise was when one of the Ladies decided to start ripping copper wiring out of the Corsetti Penthouse. Have a little decorum, Loli-pop.

How is it possible that the Ventrue outshined the Daeva?! Oh, right... Scarlet, the Dark Ridge Harlot. Hasn't anyone ever told you to put some clothes on honey? Cover that stank! It does not make up for your lack of intelligence, it only emphasizes it. And Brucie, really, we're not in rome, get a shirt and ditch the curtains!
If it weren't for our new Prince, Madame Perth and her ghouly boy toy Mr. Barrow I would have no hope for the Succubi of Dark Ridge.

The Nosferatu, as usual, were horrifying. I know, I know, you can't help that your face looks like roadkill and you smell like a sewer filled with bile. Could you at least find a more fashionable way of hiding it? Like your clan-mate who rolled into town in a top hat with a fashionable masquerade mask on! I nearly thought it was Mardi Gras! Of course, the gigantic fucking sword on his back and the shotgun toting ghoul at his side were enough to remind me that they weren't here to flash tits and collect beads.

It comes as no shock to any of us when the Mekhet are unseen at a gathering, but it is something else entirely when they roll in clad in the rainbow glitz of a circus! The gypsy stylings of the new Mekhet in town really caught me off guard. I almost roosted myself from my perch to investigate her...almost.

Last, and most certainly the least were the Gangrel. The sole member of the clan to decided to grace us with his presence too little, too late. For a clan hell-bent on violence and brawling, he sure would have been handy to have in the combat that ensued when Corsetti was taken down. Too bad the Savages aren't any better at climbing stairs.

The award for worst dressed kindred goes to Scarlet...seriously, don't get excited, it's not a compliment.
The award for best dressed goes to the Lady Victoria Charleston. I honestly would have voted for Lord Bradford if it weren't for the molting bag of feathers on his shoulder through half the evening's events.

Perhaps next month there will be an actual, official, appointed Royal Harpy (Or at least a Prisci Harpy!) to make these reports and we'll finally have some good ol' fashioned political rivalries cropping up in the city.

Until then,
Bitter Dreams Kindred of Dark Ridge,
The fabulous, anonymous, Venomous Voice


Clan Ascendancy and Eminence.

City Status by Clan
Ventrue: 3, with 3 members at city status 1+
Nosferatu: 3 with 3 members at city status 1+
Daeva: 3 with 2 members at city status 1+
Mekhet: 2 with 2 members at city status 1+
Gangrel: 1 with 1 member at city status 1+

City Status by Covenant
The Invictus: 3 with 3 members at city status 1+
The Carthian Movement: 3 with 3 members at city status 1+
The Lancea Sanctum: 3 with 2 members at city status 1+
Unaligned: 2 with 2 members at city status 1+
The Ordo Dracul: 1 with 1 member at city status 1+
The Circle of the Crone: None acknowledged within the city.

These calculations are based solely on the 11 eligible characters who attended the gathering. Only characters with at least a City Status of 1 are included in the results for Eminence and Ascendancy. Ghoul PCs, NPCs and characters that are known to have met final death before the end of the game will not be included in the results.

Ascendant Covenant: TIE: Carthian Movement, Invictus, and Lancea Sanctum.
Eminent Clan: TIE: Daeva, Nosferatu, and Ventrue.

Because there is a tie, no Ascendancy or Eminence will be awarded.

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