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Status, Court and Life in the Danse Macabre

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    When a kindred lives for hundreds of years, political views can change drastically and kindred may decide to change covenants throughout the course of a requiem. Mechanically speaking, that can cause confusion because of the benefits that being a member of a covenant grant. (ie: cost breaks and devotions, access to rituals and coils.)

    Here are the rules, Should a player decide to switch covenants.

    Players will keep all covenant benefits that have already been purchased, but will lose access to purchasing them in the future. Anything learned through the covenant will not be...

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  • 20140612
    How to alter clan or covenant status

    You may only nominate one Character a month for Status reward or loss but you may lend support to any number of nominations in that month.

    Note: Their may be only two Kindred with Admired with in a Clan or Covenant of a Single Domain.

    Clan Status and Covenant Status increase with game play and from support of other Characters. Gaining dots of Clan or Covenant Status occurs when enough fellow members of the faction get together to support a character’s deeds.

    To be awarded a dot of Clan or Covenant...

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  • 20140416
    Who wields it, and how do I get it? (Or lose it!)
    Only so many undead can be influential in a single city, so there is a limit to the number of active characters who can hold high levels of City Status. At any one time, only a single Kindred in a domain may hold City Status 5. This is usually (but not always) the Prince. Likewise, a maximum of three (3) Kindred may hold City Status 4 at any one time. These are usually the Prisci, covenant heads or Primogen. Five other valued Kindred may hold Status 3. If the maximum allowable characters already have a certain level of Status, the City Status of one of the incumbents must...

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  • 20140404
    The how, why and what of boons and prestation.

    To an immortal predator, wealth is not found in gold or money or possessions. These things can be achieved simply by existing. That which comes from the mortals is transitory and might disappear at a moment’s notice. Vampires have lived through the rise and fall of mortal empires and comforts.

    Boons represent the wealth of a vampire. A boon is not merely a debt owed or owned. It is the formalization of a relationship between two predators. Vampires innately crave the company of other vampires. A vampire is the only creature that can understand...

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  • 20140404
    Description and duties of each court office
    This is a general description of each position in court and their responsibilities. For a list of what each position is capable of via adjucating status, please see the Status document here:

    • Prince - The Undisputed Ruler of a domain of Vampires.

    • Hound - Prince or Primogen's Bodyguards. The Hound does as he or she is told in carrying out orders without question. Whereas the Sheriff's job is to investigate and bring before the Prince any wrong doers, the Hound's job is to punish those...

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