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House Rules and Clarifications

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  • 20150529
    From the April 2015 Rules update

    This is a NEW rules system that will introduce some of the mechanics from the Blood and Smoke/God Machine books for our chronicle. THIS IS AN OPPORTUNITY FOR FREE BONUS EXPERIENCE EVERY MONTH.

    Each character may choose 3 Aspirations to achieve with their character. These are out-of-character terms, so they do not necessarily have to represent character goals, just goals you as a player want to set for your character.

    2 of these Aspirations may be short term, able to be resolved in one or two game sessions. (examples: "Arrive early for the gathering",...

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  • 20150529
    From the April 2015 Rules update
    "Teamwork" with Allies

    You may now assist other players with their "Allies" actions. The following rules will apply to all Allies assists:
    One player character is designated as the primary, and any number of other characters can be secondary. All secondary characters will add 1/2 of their Allies dots to the "pool" (rounded down, minimum 0) to increase the level of dots available for achieving difficult actions.

    For example:
    Bob has 3 dots in Allies [Underworld] and wants to get four local thugs to shoot a place up. Normally, this would require 4 dots of Allies...

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  • 20140807
    We've had a lot of folks dredge up some pretty darn obscure stuff and ask about using it in this Requiem troupe game. Most of these have come from the "WoD Index" Wiki. This is a great resource! You should definitely all be using it for quick reference. But it is by no means complete or completely sanctioned for play in our game.

    There's stuff in Requiem that we don't think is very fun to anyone else, once any player has it. There's stuff that is not at all balanced, and there's stuff that simply cannot fit, thematically, in the story we are trying to tell.

    Worse, these lists...

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  • 20140925
    Auspex, Merits, Ghouls, Knowledge and other clarifications.
    The following Clarifications and Alterations have been made to existing disciplines and merits.

    ALTERATION - Discipline - Coils of the Dragon: Each new coil is now treated as a new discipline at new dot x7 xp, rather than as further dots of the same discipline.

    ALTERATION - Merit - Allies: Each PC may possess up to 5 separate Allies. Allies and Contacts can fit into a number of categories, below are the recommended categories. If you have an ally that wont fit into one of the categories below, feel free to make one up that...

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  • 20141211
    Examples of ways to use your dots in Allies and Contacts
    A kindred with allies and contacts in the right area can manipulate the way mortal society functions around them. With the right level of influence over these allies and contacts, the kindred can achieve some truly powerful feats.
    Below are some examples of ways in which you can use your allies/contacts in their fields at various levels of influence. A one dot ally, for example, will not be able to perform as detailed or dangerous a task as a five dot ally, but can still be just as useful with a little creativity.

    The general rule is: Allies perform tasks for you, Contacts give...

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  • 20140808
    Cache and Traps Mechanics
    Haven Cache: Each dot allocated to Haven Cache translates to one cache. A cache can hold five Size points worth of equipment, so while one might be a weapons locker with two shotguns and a pistol (and a few boxes of ammo for each, which is negligible as far as Size goes), another might hold surveillance equipment (a set of wire taps, binoculars, night-sight goggles and maybe a pistol for good measure). Chapter Six of the World of Darkness Rulebook has some examples of equipment and weapons that might be useful, and players should work with the Storyteller to figure...

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  • 20140925
    Clarification - Disciplines - Obfuscate
    Here is an attempt to clarify what will and will not cancel active Obfuscate (specifically Touch of Shadow, Cloak of Night, and Cloak the Gathering).

    Obfuscate is not invisibility; it's a perception filter. It allows the character to utilize Kindred powers to dampen the ability of others to consciously perceive you. They will ignore the sight and sound of you as long as you attempt to remain hidden. According to Vampire The Requiem, page 136, “Successful use of Cloak of Night renders the character invisible...

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  • 20140925
    The following language Merits will replace any language Merits as presented in any other World of Darkness source material.

    Multilingual (•)
    Effect: Your character has devoted time to language acquisition. Each time you purchase this Merit, choose two languages. Your character can speak conversationally in those languages. With an Intelligence + Academics roll, she may also read enough of the language to understand context but not details.
    If you later become fluent in one of these languages (by purchasing the Language...

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  • 20140925
    The Dark Ridge game uses slightly modified Speed rules which are already reflected on your character sheet. This is not being changed with the Rules Update. This post is simply intended to explain that trait.

    Your character's Speed trait is divided into two numbers: Acting speed / Running speed.

    The second number, the Running speed, indicates how many steps (yards) the character can travel in a single turn by running.  Doing so is considered a full action and no other actions can usually be performed while running (there are some exceptions from Merits or supernatural powers,...

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  • 20140925
    This equipment replaces the Bows and Arrows from the Armory books.

    Bows have been used since time immemorial. The origins of the bow and arrow are prehistoric. The bow served as a primary military weapon from ancient times through the Middle Ages in the Mediterranean world and Europe and for an even longer period in China, Japan, and on the Eurasian steppes.

    Bows come in varying sizes, from toy bows one can buy at the local big-box store to professional bows sold at hunting supply stores and specialty bows sold by dedicated...

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  • 20140925
    Fighting Style: Kendo (• to ••••)
    Prerequisites: Dexterity 3, Weaponry 3
    Effect: Your character is trained in the art of kendo. He likely learned this skill at a kendo dojo, and is familiar with the techniques in more than a passing capacity.
    Dots purchased with this Merit allow access to unique combat maneuvers using kendo weapons (generally, a katana). All maneuvers are based upon the Weaponry Skill.
    Kendo is meant to be performed with specific swords. The maneuvers below can be used without penalty provided your character is using one of the following...

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  • 20140925
    Fighting Style Merits

    Dots purchased in a Fighting Style Merit provide access to special combat maneuvers. Each maneuver is a prerequisite for the next. For example, if you purchase the Fighting Style: Archery Merit for your character, he can’t have “Rapid Nock” until he has “Draw and Loose.”

    Combined Maneuvers
    Unless the text specifically notes otherwise, Fighting Style maneuvers don’t stack. If multiple maneuvers provide the same benefit within the game system (a Defense bonus or dicepool bonus, for instance), your character...

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  • 20140925
    All new custom merit, created specially for our players. :)
    Merit: Assets [] (• to •••••)

    Over the endless nights of the Danse Macabre, a Kindred is likely to acquire more than mere wealth and servants. And in modern nights, property ownership can include more than just land. An entrepreneurial immortal might also own companies, trademarks, patents, or other modern commodities. Some buildings or cultural landmarks might be prized possessions within a certain Requiem yet have very little use as a Haven. These would be considered the character's Assets.

    Assets will give a player the ability to represent their ownership...

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  • 20140925
    Prerequisite: Haven, Temple, etc. within the defined area of the territory.

    Effect: Your character has spent a great deal of time in a specific area and has a preternatural familiarity with the area. He has a detailed map in his head, never loses his sense of direction, and can evade unwanted attention there for an almost unlimited length of time. He adds a +2 to all mundane rolls made while in the chosen region where this familiarity would come into play. This usually applies to Drive, Streetwise, and Survival...

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  • 20140924
    Elephant [cost 4]
    Attributes: Intelligence 1, Wits 2, Resolve 3, Strength 7, Dexterity 2, Stamina 7, Presence 2, Manipulation 1, Composure 3
    Skills: Athletics 2 (running), Brawl 3 (tusks), Intimidation 3, Survival 3
    Willpower: 6
    Initiative: 5
    Defense: 2
    Running Speed: 15 (Acting Speed 6)
    Size: 15
    Type               Damage               Test pool
    Tusk                1(L)                           12
    Trample           2 (B)                         12
    Health: 20

    Fish / Dolphin [cost 1 / 2]
    Attributes: Intelligence...

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  • 20140924
    This document is to provide standard animals for use in Dark Ridge Requiem LARP.
    Please do not use the Animals listed in the WOD Blue Book.

    The "cost [x]" represents the cost to acquire the animal as property (This is not a trait cost. See Resources). It may also be used as a guideline for the minimum Retainer trait cost to maintain a trained animal of its type (whether trained mundanely or befriended through Animalism or the like).

    Alligator or Crocodile [cost 3]
    Attributes: Intelligence...

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  • 20140712
    Unless changed in a future rules update, assume the merits Allies and Contacts will work just as described in the core World of Darkness book. Here's a brief summary.

    Allies: You may take Allies multiple times (up to a limit of 5 Allies per PC). Each acquisition of the Allies Merit is dedicated to one type of ally. The number of dots represents how deep the character's influence runs in that group. It's up to each player to decide whether this represents a single ally who is very useful or if each dot represents a different, lesser ally within that field (and the players will be encouraged...

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  • 20140627
    As a warning: There will be a huge rules update to the Fighting Styles merits as part of our first 6-Month-Rules-Overhaul(TM) in October. I will be basically posting a complete list of the available fighting styles and their new rules or wordings to make them all balanced, mechanically and thematically.

    In the meantime, here's a few band-aid house rules about Fighting Styles, as-written.

    All fighting styles from the World of Darkness core book and from Armory are available as-written. For fighting styles from any other source, such as Armory Reloaded or from a clan or covenant...

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  • 20140625
    Clarification on how to join a bloodline.
    The Character Creation guide we posted has a pretty basic summarization of the bloodline rules, but I have been getting a lot of questions about it, so I wanted to make sure it was clarified.

    Character Creation Guide wrote: Bloodlines
    You cannot start with a bloodline. Gaining a bloodline will require your character to start with or acquire a 3-dot Mentor (the Avus), Blood Potency 4, and 6 months of training with that Avus to join a bloodline in game. (The only exception to this is if you draw the Bloodline card in the Character Creation Card Draw,...

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  • 20140421
    New rules for how Resources works, as well as item cost changes

    Effective immediately (but not retroactively), We are converting to a new Resources system. The new system will address some of the issues with the linear nature of the benefit of the Resources Merit regardless of the graduated cost per dot. This new revision will also add a dynamic money system to live gameplay and provide you with a more realistic measure of your options with the Resources Merit.

    Yes, this new system is a little more complicated than the simple Resources Merit from the World of Darkness core book. But we also feel it is both...

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  • 20140422
    The mechanics for Clash of Wills
    Sometimes, two Disciplines clearly oppose one another. If the normal systems for the Disciplines fail to resolve this, such as when two vampires attempt to Dominate the same person, or Auspex is turned against a vampire hidden by Obfuscate, there is a Clash of Wills.

    All characters using conflicting powers enter a contested roll-off, each using a pool of his or her Blood Potency plus his dots in the Discipline. Devotions use Blood Potency plus the highest rated Discipline among the prerequisites, while blood sorcery uses Blood Potency plus the character's dots in Crúac or Theban Sorcery....

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  • 20140422
    New mechanics for retainers!
    In an effort to both maintain game balance and provide a logical, graduated progression of Merit benefits for the graduated cost, the following Retainer rules system will replace the previous Retainer Merit, immediately AND retroactively. See an ST for any help or clarifications in converting any existing retainers to this system.

    Each dot of the Retainer merit will now allow the creation of a character sheet with very specific and progressive creation rules. Adding dots to the Merit will allow you to upgrade the retainer to the next level of points, as described below.


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